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Malawi Embassy
Villa 70, Al-Bostan Street, Block 3, 10th Settlement, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Cairo.


(00 202) 38956242


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About Malawi


Malawi is situated in South East Africa bordered by Mozambique (East, South and West), Tanzania (North) and Zambia (North-West).

Malawi Map

Malawi Map

Malawi Location in Africa

Malawi Location in Africa


Malawi covers a geographical area of 118,480 square kilometers. The country is divided into three regions namely the south, central and northern region with a total of 28 districts.


Malawi lies within an inter-tropical zone. The country experiences three seasons; cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to mid November and hot and wet from November to April.


Malawi's population estimate as of 2016 is 17.2 million.

National Flag

Malawi Flag

The Malawi flag features a black stripe that represents the people of Africa. The colour red stands for the blood spilt in Malawi's struggle for independence; while the colour green symbolizes the country's vegetation. The rising sun represents the dawn of freedom and hope on the African continent.

Coat of Arms

Malawi Coat of Arms

The national crest has the Rising Sun representing the Dawn of Freedom in Africa, at the top and bottom of the shield. The Fish Eagle and the wavy blue and white bands on the shield symbolize Lake Malawi. The lion and the leopard support and guard the crest as a whole. The land at the base is the rugged Mount Mulanje. The Coat of Arms bears the motto Unity and Freedom.

Major Cities

Lilongwe (The Capital City), Blantyre (The Commercial City), Mzuzu and Zomba.